Wedding Gowns Specialists

Such a precious garment as one's wedding gown deserves special care, a care that only a quality garment care cleaner like Sincerity can provide.

In order to achieve extraordinary results, we begin with a thorough inspection of your gown. Our experts meticulously review the fabric, seams, and embroidering of the gown, and then devise the ideal cleaning method based on years of experience.

Pre-treatment for existing soil or stains is gently and painstakingly performed by our Dry Cleaner, and the gown is then cleaned using the appropriate method. Once cleaned and inspected, your gown goes on to our finishing department, where one of our expert finishers will carefully hand-finish the gown, maintaining and revitalizing its original design.

Concluding the process, your gown undergoes a final inspection, and all of the embroidering and any accessories are carefully scrutinized. Finally your gown can be placed in a gown bag (gown bags are an extra cost if selected). This ensures your gown will be preserved for years to come.