Cabinet Towels

Cabinet towels are a popular form of hand drying and one of the quickest and most comfortable methods.

Sincerity uses high quality cabinets and cotton towels. The cabinet design ensures clean towelling is isolated from used towelling preventing contamination and is impossible to pull backwards ensuring a clean fresh towel portion.

With 200 portions of clean towel form a standard 40m towel, a cabinet towel is a must for the washroom.

The Science

An independent study undertaken by the School of Biosciences at the University of Westminster March 2007 compared the reduction in bacteria on the hands after using cotton towels, paper towels and warm air electric hand dryers.

Cotton towels and paper towels produced an 85% reduction in bacteria compared to a 189% increase in bacteria from warm air dryers.

Cotton and Paper towels are both better alternatives for hand drying in locations where hygiene is paramount.

Cotton Towels Vs Paper Towels

A Life Cycle Analysis study undertaken in 2006 by The Oko-Institut, Germany on behalf of the European Textile Service Association (E.T.S.A) proves that in six out of seven environmental aspects cotton towels outperform paper towel alternatives.

The benefits of cotton towels:

  • Hygiene

  • Eco-friendly

  • User comfort

  • Responsible choice