Formal Wear

Formal wear can be required for many occasions. Whether it's a special wedding, graduation ceremony, Christmas party or a corporate event, the focus is so often the outfit. 

If you're relying on a special garment which has been hung in your wardrobe for several months - a ball gown or dinner suit for instance, there's every chance it will need freshening up and carefully pressing. Instead of trying to wash your delicate garment at home, Sincerity can ensure your precious clothes get the special treatment they deserve.

Professional formal wear dry cleaning at Sincerity avoids the risks associated with home washing, such as shrinkage and colour loss. So, if you're hoping to dress to impress at your next black-tie function, allow us to do the hard work for you.

After the event, why not drop your garments back into your local Sincerity branch or agent? Any red wine stains, food spillages or stale odours can usually be removed. You can then store your garment in pristine condition, ready for that next special occasion.