Duvet Cleaning

It's probably something you don't wish to think about too often, but it is likely you are sharing your bed with thousands of unwanted house-guests every night!

Because of the warmth and moisture content, your duvet is the perfect habitat for dust mites, bed bugs and the bacteria and fungal spores they leave behind, which creates a serious need for regular duvet cleaning.

Allergens produced by dust mites can often be the cause of allergic reactions, and in some people can trigger asthma attacks or other respiratory ailments.

Experts now recommend that your duvets are cleaned at least every six months. By having them cleaned at Sincerity you will ensure that highly-effective sterilisation and removal of allergens occurs and that, in addition, your duvets are refreshed and revived.

Can you afford to leave it any longer? Get your duvets cleaned today!